Wardrobe check

Your wardrobe is packed, or just the opposite, there's nothing in it.
Visionaire helps you to tidy up your wardrobe or fill it with the right items.

What does not belong there and what does.
Which pieces can be combined

A clear overview to make your life just a little easier so you no longer stand in front of a closet where you do not know what to wear.

Personal shopping

Available for a few hours to go shopping.

Visionaire takes into account your budget and goes shopping for the perfect outfits within that budget.

Styling special occasions

Do you have to go to a party, a wedding or an event?
Is there a birth, a job application or even a date?
You don't know what to wear or are you missing the right shoes or the right accessories for something you already have?

Together we look at your options and again within your budget.

Visionaire helps you with the perfect outfit. This option is, therefore, available to combine with the personal shopping option but is also possible with what you already have in your closet.

Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

VIP service

Are you looking for a specific item in the Haute couture world?

Visionaire helps you find that item with all the networks in this sector!

Religious girls

Are you wearing a headscarf, or are you considering wearing a scarf, but you have trouble letting go of your passion for fashion and style?
You get a bit lost in the stores and don't find the right pieces.

Visionaire helps you to combine both, to respect your faith and still be stylish.

Decoration + styling

Do you have your own business, and would you like a more professional approach to better to understand your collection?

Visionaire helps with all the finishing touches.

Have you just built, rebuilt, or moved, and you do not have the time to furnish?
Do you want to approach your current home differently?

In that case, the decoration and styling option is for you. Ask about the possibilities because it can be as extensive as you want.

Styling photo shoot

Are you organizing a photoshoot, and you already have so many things on your mind?

Visionaire takes the pressure off your shoulders!

Which model makes which piece of clothing looks better, what accessories do you use best, what is the best place to shoot the collection?

Visionaire takes full control of styling and creativity.
Ask about the possibilities for a correct price quote.

Styling special occasions

This option is also available for spatial planning. Within your budget, we look at the possibilities of the space to be decorated for your special occasion.

Do you have a birth, are you planning a birthday party?
Are you organizing a staff party?

Then Visionaire can take care of the entire styling for you. We respect your budget and what you have in mind.
Visionaire ensures that everything is present down to the last detail.

All you and your guests have to do is be present.

Feel free to ask for more information about this service.

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